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The Lens Manufacturer Since World War 2

Among many different manufacturers and brands, one of the world’s top lens makers is Leica. Leica is a German branding which are professional in manufacturing lenses. It has existed even before the World War 2. Some said that during the World War 2, Leica was the best lens maker and they are professional in making sniper rifle scopes. The possibility of this rumor could be true, as the rifle scopes are actually lenses. After World War 2, Leica has once again continued to focus in manufacturing camera mount, lens, as well as other camera parts.

During the era where digital cameras are high in demand, the company has been consistently not letting camera fans down by producing high quality camera and lens. Many camera manufacturers such as Canon and Panasonic utilize its camera lens. The ability of the lenses is far more superior on DSLR due to the demand from professional photographers. The company has joint venture many camera manufacturers in different country which includes of the United States, Japan, England and more.

As technology level rose, not only the capabilities of digital camera are more superior but also hasten the success of digital video recorder. One of the necessary components for both camera and video recorder is the lens. This has widened the company market, since then the company also supplies video recorders lens. One of the most successful story of Leica and Panasonic has achieved is that they are the first to have the image stabilization technology apply into their digital cameras.

For professional photographers, Leica made lenses are near perfect and often buying without regrets. If you are a beginner in photography, you might want to invest onto a basic Panasonic Lumix digital camera and get familiar with photography before investing blindly into DSLR. Professional photographers often recommend people to get DSLR as the capabilities of DSLR are far more superior to digital cameras. By investing on a less costly digital camera would help you in justifying your interest in photography. As DSLR does not come in cheap, understand your passion and interest before investing heavily into something that you are sure will it be suitable to you.