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The Best Rated Digital Cameras May Surprise You

The digital camera world is one that photographers are very familiar with, and many will know about the best digital cameras. In this day and time, technology is advancing daily, and cameras are becoming more and more powerful. Currently, there are three cameras which are said by many to be the most popular, powerful, and rated digital cameras.

Firstly, there is the Panasonic Lumix DMC-G1. As you can probably guess, being the top rated camera, it comes with a pricey tag. Nonetheless, this is true. The camera goes for around $700, but buyers do get their “bang for the buck”. First of all, the camera is very compact. This is something many buyers look for, as it is easy to carry around with them. The camera, though not as good as some of the DSLR, can take amazing pictures with great detail and quality. It consists of 14-45mm lens, one of the best in the market. It also has an extremely fast focusing speed of 0.40 seconds. Aside from its specs, the camera has a very unique and pleasant look and style.

Next is the Canon PowerShot SX110IS. It is much cheaper than the previous Panasonic, but still a magnificent camera. The PowerShot is more of a personal use, family oriented camera and is almost about a third of the Panasonic camera, at around $230. It consists of a 10x zoom lens and has quite a compact build to it. Even with its compact size, it still has very good zoom quality. Though it is only 9 megapixels, it will give photo takers the detail they want, just like a 14 or 15 megapixel camera would. The camera also has features including auto white balance, making it great for indoor photo taking. It is a great camera for beginners, whether you are taking pictures as a hobby, or for a soon-to-come profession.

Last, but not least, is the Pentax Optio W60 at a price of approximately $280. Even though a bit pricier than then Canon Powershot above, many say it is not as good. Though, the Pentax has a few benefits that do not come with other cameras. Firstly, the Pentax is a water proof camera. Now, many will think that water proof cameras do not take good quality photos. The Pentax proves that theory wrong. With 10.1 megapixels, the Pentax takes pictures of great quality. Pictures taken with the Pentax are sharp, demonstrate good color. The camera has a very good shutter lag, and is very responsive. To be specific, its shutter lag is approximately 5 frames per second. This camera is great for all around use, so in other words, a great camera for a first!