Five Tips For Choosing a Digital Camera

1) The Budget. For most people this is the most important consideration when choosing a digital camera. There is no point looking at the top of the range professional digital single lens reflex (DSLR) cameras when your budget is only 200 $. So first you should decide how much can you spend on a digital camera and narrow your choices down to that.

2) The Usage. You need to consider how often will you use the camera as well as how are you going to use it. A big DSLR will be better for high- quality photos and it has more options for different photography techniques. A light and compact camera will be easier to carry around thus making it more convenient for travel photography. A point and shoot compact camera will be great for family album photography and kids.

3) Your experience. This is a key factor when choosing a digital camera. It is important to understand that a simple point and shoot camera in the hands of beginner will produce better photos than top of the range DSLR. I know so many people who have bought DSLR’s only to find out that they are too complicated, too big and the pictures are not that better than from a good compact camera. So if you are a beginner go for a point and shoot camera or a compact camera. For amateurs there are entry level DSLR’s and for professionals there are professional cameras. It’s that simple.

4) Your favorite subjects for photography. Think about your favorite subject you like to take pictures of. If you like landscapes than you should look for a camera that has wide angle lens. For portrait photography look for the camera that has the lens with the widest aperture (the f numbers on the lens) and for sports and animal photography go for a camera that has a telephoto lens. If you can’t decide than buy a DSLR or a compact camera with super zoom lens.

5) The features. We already looked at the lenses, but there are so many other features of digital cameras. The biggest mistake you can make is to look at the sensor resolution and to go for the biggest number of mega pixels. Wile the resolution is important it is definitely not the most important feature of a digital camera. Creative controls are one of the key features you should look at when choosing a digital camera. Different scene modes are all nice, but you really should look for a manual control options on your camera. Find out what accessories the camera has. A simple point and shoot camera will not have any, but an entry level DSLR will have changeable lenses, flashes, light filters and others. Some compact cameras will have the option of additional flash and wide angle or tele adapters for the lens.

These are my five tips for choosing a digital camera, but before you buy a camera you should do your homework. Read about digital cameras, the internet is a great resource of finding information on any digital camera. Don’t be shy; if necessary ask questions in the forums about specific camera brand and model. And if you decide to buy your camera on the internet, go to a real shop and try out the camera. And most importantly have fun and good luck on finding the right camera for you.